Organizations often find the need to respond quickly to changes in the market, changes in staffing, or changes in the regulatory environment. Good performers are frequently promoted to leadership positions without clear goals and expectations as to what success looks like. Executive and business coaching support can provide the right amount of clarity, leadership development and structure to greatly increase the success rates of newly promoted or newly hired executives and senior managers.

Leadership coaching can be effective for new hires as well as individuals who have been in their positions for a few years but want to take their performance to the next level. Organizations typically invest in executive, leadership and business coaching in the following situations:

  • A top performer is promoted to a senior management position and is expected to be successful very quickly.
  • An individual is already in a leadership position and is looking for development for future promotional opportunities and/or is part of a succession plan.
  • A leader is hired from outside the organization and is expected to achieve challenging goals in the first 3 to 6 months, even though the leader is new to the organization.
  • A top performer is promoted but now will have responsibility for larger budgets, revenue generation and management of several functional areas. This individual needs a coach who understands business and who can help develop strong business acumen in this leader.
  • A leader needs to improve their effectiveness in their current role.
  • A leader needs help in managing multiple priorities.
  • A leader needs to build strong teams and develop their staff.
  • High potential candidates for promotion who need to develop skills in certain areas.
  • An individual performer is promoted to a senior management position and has to develop an entirely new skillset of leadership qualities and abilities.
  • A leader is promoted to be the executive over staff who used to be peers.
  • A leader wants to make a significant change in career or professional life.

These and many other situations are reasons that organizations and individual leaders turn to coaching for support and results.

Three coaching packages are available below. Customized programs are also available upon request.


Leadership Development Package:

This coaching package is for business owners, executives and senior executive team members and is typically six to twelve months long. There are 45 minute coaching sessions twice per month with email support. Included in the package is a 360 degree assessment, a Plan of Action that creates goals for coaching and developmental opportunities identified in the assessment. At the beginning of the engagement and also at the end, there are alignment meetings with the leader’s boss to ensure that the Plan of Action supports the organizational goals as well as the leader’s own individual goals. The final alignment meeting facilitates an ongoing conversation between the leader and the boss that serves to reinforce the development and leadership skills that were acquired during the coaching engagement.

Professional Development Package:

This package is typically up to six months long with two 45 minute coaching sessions per month and email support. This format is ideal for business owners, executives, senior managers or individual performers who are working on a specific goal or who are seeking support through a shorter term situation. The package includes an initial meeting to establish the primary goal and to develop a Plan of Action.

Professional Support Package:

This coaching package is up to three months in length, with the option of extending for an additional three months. There are two 45 minute sessions per month plus email support. This package is flexible in that it provides focused support for a short period of time, with the option to extend the support every three months. This package is ideal for any professional staff member in an organization.

For a complimentary coaching session to determine if one of these packages is right for you, please go here to schedule your free appointment.