Are you at a point in your life where you feel a need to switch it up, make a change, step out and let your light shine? Do you feel called to find more meaning in your life or explore your creative or spiritual side and your deeper purpose?

Close your eyes for a minute, and visualize your life the way you wish it could be. Where are you living? How are you spending your time? Are you working from home on a flexible schedule? Are you writing a book, painting a landscape, starting a new career, enjoying a loving relationship, or planning a sabbatical to travel and enjoy life more? Are you experiencing a deeper connection in your spiritual life, trying yoga or meditation or journaling for the first time? What would you love to be, do or have?

Clients choose Re-Imagine Coaching for a variety of reasons to:

  • Discover their creative spirit and life purpose.
  • Take the actions needed to write that book, finish that degree, or start a new business.
  • Design a working life that honors their talents, interests, and what is most important.
  • Create a new life in their retirement years, finally honoring their deepest desires.
  • Develop a plan to slow down, travel more, enjoy life and strengthen relationships.
  • Start on a spiritual path to seek and explore what it means to experience spiritual fulfillment.
  • Focus on improving their health and to appreciate how good health supports them in all their creative endeavors.
  • Bring any life long dream into reality.A top performer is promoted to a senior management position and is expected to be successful very quickly.

Re-Imagine Coaching is for anyone desiring to make positive, meaningful life changes. We start with where you are right now and through processes that enhance self awareness, understanding, and potential, we create a plan to realize your dreams. It’s easier when we work on it together. Two coaching packages are available below and custom packages are available based on your needs.


Re-Imagine Coaching: The Works Package

This package includes six months of coaching that begins with identifying individual strengths, talents, skills, values and desires as well as areas for development and how to overcome obstacles inherent in your path. Together we’ll explore what you really want in life, with an option to explore your life purpose, or your spiritual and creative side if that appeals to you.


  • 14 – 45 minute coaching sessions
  • Email support
  • A customized Life Plan with action steps to achieve your goals
  • Values assessment
  • Enneagram assessment
  • Automatic enrollment in group coaching programs that I may be offering at that time
  • Option to continue month to month at the end of 6 months

Re-Imagine Coaching: Discovery Package

This package includes three months of coaching and we begin by identifying where you are right now. We explore your dreams, interests, and opportunities. We then create a plan to get you started and well on your way toward the changes you desire.


  • 8 – 45 minute coaching sessions
  • A Life Plan with action steps to achieve your goals
  • Enneagram assessment
  • Option to continue month to month at the end of 3 months

For a complimentary coaching session to experience Re-Imagine Coaching, please go here to schedule your free session.